Bloog Affiliate Program
Want To Make Money With Bloog?

The Bloog Affiliate Program allows you to make good money without turning your hair grey. We've even developed all the tools you need to be successful. You'll receive your own unique URL which will automatically track all Bloog sales you generate, and banner ads & text links for you to choose from. All you'll have to do is copy & paste! So if you're ready to join in Bloog's growing success, sign up for free today!

Here's how it works: upon signing up with our Affiliate Program, we'll generate a unique tracking link for you. You then place that link anywhere on the internet - on social media (i.e Facebook, Twitter, etc.), on your website (as a banner link), or even in an email to all the people who you think will love Bloog. You'll earn money each time somebody visits the Bloog website through the links you've set up on the Internet.


How We'll Help You:

  • We stand behind our affiliates 100%; we'll help you with conversions by offering a promotional code that gives a 10% discount to your potential customers, just for visiting our site using your link! Simple, right?
  • Can't make pretty pictures? We'll make it even easier for you by offering 3 fresh-out-the-box banners that you can place on your website. Or, if you prefer, you can generate your own banners. The choice is yours.

Our affiliate module in the "My Account" section makes it seamlessly easy to track all of your leads, conversions, and payouts!

Let's talk dollars! There are 4 ways to make money:

  • 1st Level: Easy, you receive 25% of every sale that comes through your unique link.*
  • 2nd Level: Refer an affiliate and receive 3% of every transaction generated by that affiliate. Let's call these guys Level 2s
  • 3rd Level: You might ask, what happens when your level 2 refers an affiliate?  Well, you'll receive 2% for every subsequent affiliate referred by your Level 2 affiliate - let's call these people level 3s.
  • 4th Level: When a Level 3 affiliate refers yet another affiliate (a Level 4), you'll receive 1% of every sale generated by this level 4 affiliate.

We are confident that your earning potential is unlimited! So sign up today and start making money with us!

*Only valid for first transactions. You will not receive 25% on repeat customers' purchases.